Big Bear's Donuts

Lakes Entrance, EST 2019

The Donuts in Detail

Original Glaze

A delicious donut with a sweet, smooth original glaze topping.

Homer Simpson

The classic donut with pink icing with coloured sprinkles. Homer would be proud.

Jam Donut

It's not HOT. So no need to worry about the burnt tongue! Our delicious jam filled donuts covered in special sugar sprinkles.

Vanilla Slice

For the Vanilla Slice lover, this donuts has a smooth custard filling that will satisfy your cravings.


A Nutella filled donut made especially for those that can handle eating Nutella directly off the spoon from the jar.

White Chocolate

This donut has a sweet white chocolate infusion to melt your taste buds.


A chocolate covered donut with your favorite little crisp covered choccies.


What can be better than a donut filled with custard? We aren't sure.

Chocolate & Raspberry

A chocolate topping with chocolate sprinkles topped off with a raspberry jelly.

White Chocolate & Raspberry

Injected with white chocolate this donut pleases with a raspberry jelly and generous dusting of sweetness.

Jam and Cream

We keep our creamed donuts nice and fresh and this jam filled, cream topped donut is one of our best sellers. Get in early.

Coffee and Cream

We keep our creamed donuts nice and fresh. Compliment a coffee from our on site van with this coffee donut. What a start to the day!

Mocha and Cream

We keep our creamed donuts nice and fresh. Chocolate and coffee combine to form a creamed filling perfect for sharing. Or not.

Peppermint Crisp

Not to be frightened by a mintier side of treats, try our peppermint crisp donut.


What is a wombleberry you ask. Well you'll need to enquire within.

Emma Wiggle

Only a wiggles fan knows.

Chocolate Filled

Exactly what it says on the packet! A delicious choc filled donut.


Attention caramel lovers! We've got you covered with this one.

Cinnamon Donuts

Quite often made as you order them so that you receive a fresh warm cinnamon treat.

Cub Balls

What do we do with with all the left over donut centres? They don't go to waste. Grab a bag of Cub Balls.

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